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5 things to do in the dunes while summer is still here.

The kids may be going back to school (most of them virtually), but summer is not over yet! We’ve got plenty of warm days ahead of us and still time to do lots of fun things. This summer has definitely been different than all others, but lucky for us — we live in the dunes. There are all sorts of fun things to do in the area while social distancing and staying outside. Here are a few of our favorites.

Bike from Portage to Chesterton in almost all shade on the Prairie Duneland trail.

  1. Go for a Bike Ride. Nothing says summer like biking. The area has so many different trails to take. Whether it’s just in your neighborhood, along the lakeshore or mountain biking. You can check out our list of trails here, but we recommend a fun ride with the family along the Prairie Duneland Trail. Start in Portage and head to Chesterton where you can stop downtown for a snack or some brews before the return trip home.

  2. Catch a Sunset. There’s nothing better than a summer sunset. We’ve got so many great places to see one on the shores of Lake Michigan. Consider Dig the Dunes Trail Stop at Portage Lakefront, where you can also get some dinner and a drink. Or, for those that have trouble getting around – just pull up in the circle and catch it from your car. (Maybe someone will jump out and grab you a Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Bar if you’re lucky).

  3. Get to the Beach. Yes, several of the area beaches have been closed (Boo!), but there are also many that are open. Worried about the crowds? Go early! The beaches are empty before 10am. They are also beautiful, peaceful and a great place to reset and recharge. You can read about many of the area beaches on the trails and beaches page .

  4. Listen to Live Music. Lots of places are now offering music outside. Chester’s in Chesterton will be having live music in their spacious parking lot every Saturday for the next few weeks. You can check out their schedule and flyer on their facebook page. Many other restaurants are offering live music like Fish Camp, Anderson’s Winery, Barker Pub, Trail Stop and lots more! Friendship Botanic Gardens will be hosting Johnny V on Friday August 28. Be sure to check everyone’s facebook pages or websites for updates and details.

  5. Take the Mt. Tabor Hill Trail. Hiking is always fun, but when it’s between two wineries it’s even more fun! Round Barn Estate and Tabor Hill now have a walking (or running) trail of close to 3 miles. Grab a drink and go! Walk through the woods and the vineyards. Both places offer a variety of beer, wine and cocktails and if you catch Tabor Hill on the right days you can enjoy the restaurant as well. And guess what? We’ve got FREE PASSES for the trail! Stop by Dig the Dunes Trail Stop to pick one up and save yourself five dollars. Read more about the trails right here.

What’s the best kind of trail? A wine trail! Grab a FREE pass at Trail Stop (while they last).

Want to read about more fun things to do in the area? Be sure to sign up for the Dig the Dunes weekly e-newsletter, right here.

David Hernandez playing at sunset, right on the beach! Now that’s summer fun.

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