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Beverly Shores Beach // Beverly Shores, IN

Submitted by: Stephen Lehman

For the busy adventurer Location: Cost: Free Hours: 6am-11pm What to expect: beach, beautiful sunsets, public restrooms


Beverly Shores is home to an absolutely gorgeous beach front with clean public restrooms and a picnic area. There is public parking right along the beach and an additional parking lot on Dunbar Street. The restroom area in both areas is well lit for those of you who enjoy evenings on the beach. This post is mainly made of up the photos took during a stunning January sunset. The colors displayed that evening were out of a fairy tale. Lake Michigan sunsets are unbeatable, especially in the winter. The ice and snow do the perfect amount of reflecting.


I love the thirds in this photo. The left edge is filled with the beginnings of the famed “Lake Michigan Ice Boulders”. The center has the beautifully rounded beach rocks that can be found at Beverly Shores. The far right is the water slowly returning back into the icy lake. There was something harmonious about this meeting of ice and water. If you’re ever looking for some skipping rocks or beach glass, Beverly Shores is the place to go.


The sun was setting just behind the steel mill when I snapped this fiery photo. The sky seemed alive and the suns rays were moving in a noticeable fashion.  There wasn’t anything else in the world that mattered more in that moment. Everything seemed to have more life as the sun disappeared over the horizon. I would love to see some of your sunset shots from beaches on the south shore. Feel free to send me an email ( with your photo and the story of the moments leading up to and away from the shot. Icy sunsets are special to me. I’m usually the only person out enjoying them because of the cold air. Some of my favorite sunsets photos were taken in the winter.


The last photo I decided to include is again of the waves reflecting the blue hour light. Depending on your perspective, the water seems to be frozen. In just 1/160th of a second, this image was exposed through a 105mm lens and onto a sensor which then read the light information and transmitted onto an SD in a readable format, ready for editing. It’s amazing how a camera can stop time. The word “capture” is most often used and for a good reason. This 1/160th of a second was captured and has been immortalized. In 2016, over 1 trillion photos are expected to be captured by people around the world. What are you going to capture this year?

Until next time my friends, get outside!

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