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Dear Winter, it’s over.

Dear Winter,

You know I love you, right?

I was so excited to see you in November. When you snowed that first time you were so beautiful. You made my eyes glisten and my cheeks glow. You were so cool. You knew how to make me smile.

In December you were calm and mild. So easy to get along with. I enjoyed you every day and I felt we were really getting to know each other. I liked you, winter. I really did.

January came and the days started to blur together. Snow, cold, thaw, cold, ice, snow. Things started to get a little boring. We were in a rut. But then you brought me a gift. The polar vortex! Temperatures plunged below zero. Wind chills that were record lows. I was excited! The thrill was back!

When February came you stunned me with your amazing shelf ice. You were gorgeous. I was in awe of you. But I knew it couldn’t last. You started to antagonize me with your grey days. Day after day. And again, the snow, cold, thaw, cold, ice. Over and over again. I wanted to see your beauty again, but you would just spit ice at me.

March is now here and I am so sorry, but I think we might be done. My once glowing cheeks are now raw, my glistening eyes filled with tears. You are beautiful and amazing and I do love you. But dang winter, you are cold as ice.

It’s over.

In all seriousness, the dunes would not be the dunes without our wonderful seasons. We love them all. But yes, once March hits — we do get a little spring fever! 🙂 

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