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Loving The Dig the Dunes 52 Week Challenge

Submitted by: Kammi Fox

The Diana Dunes Dare or Succession Trail

I have been a Dunie for a year now and want to share how I have been taking the 52 week Challenge to heart. Our NW Indiana January weather was pretty mild and afforded me the opportunity to start on the list rather quickly. Some ask me “Why did you move back to The Region from South Carolina?”, simple answer: “I missed the 4 seasons”. Winter and Early spring hiking in the Dunes is the best! One crisp January day, I felt so “alive” that after doing my Ranger-led hike at Mt. Baldy, I headed to West Beach and did the Diana Dunes Dare. I checked 2 challenges right off my list.

Ranger Led Hike at Mount Baldy

I would highly recommend a Mt. Baldy Ranger led hike. They are quite informative, and the views are breath taking. Although the stairs leading up may be daunting when you first pull into the parking lot at West Beach, it’s the stairs leading down that lead you into an amazing ecological wonder that took thousands of years to evolve. This short 1-mile journey on stairs and boardwalk demonstrates Dune Succession. Again, I would recommend an Indiana Dunes National Park Ranger-led hike. They are extremely knowledgeable about succession. You will also learn about the legend of Diana of the Dunes. It may even peak your interest to learn more about her and who she is. I just want to thank Dig the Dunes for this challenge! It helped motivate me to get out and Dig the Dunes this winter. Glad I did the “Walk on the beach on a cold January day (has to be below 32) on a day it was 28 degrees out.

Kammi Fox is a Dunie, 52 Week Challenger & Guest Writer.


You can join the Dig the Dunes 52 Week Challenge at any time. Do the challenges on your own (link above), or join our facebook group to share!


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