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Miller Woods…and BEER

Okay, so two of my favorite things are hiking and craft beer. So…when two of those things can happen in the same outing, I’m a pretty happy camper!

Let’s head to the west border of Dig the Dunes this week. To Lake Street in Miller (yes, Gary!), Indiana. Along Lake Street you will find one of my all time favorite trails, the Miller Woods trail. On this trail you can find a very rare oak savanna habitat, small lakes, lagoons, dunes and the beach! It’s an out and back trail, and beautiful in all seasons. As you walk deeper into the trail it just keeps getting better and better. This trail can be walked, run or even skied. You can park right next to the Douglas Center, which is open most days and has fun activities for children on weekends.  One of the best things about this trail is what you get to do when you’re finished…have a beer!

Miller Woods Lagoon

Miller Woods Lagoon and Dunes

Beautiful fall colors

Beautiful fall colors

The final stretch

The final stretch

18th Street Brewery on opening day (just over a year ago)

18th Street Brewery on opening day (just over a year ago)

When I’m in Miller, there is one place that I always stop… and that is 18th Street Brewery! This is, in my opinion, one of the best breweries in the area. Owner, Drew Fox, is an amazing individual who has built something wonderful in the Miller area. It’s always bustling with a wide variety of interesting and eclectic people. At 18th Street you can expect to find great musical talent (on special occasions), amazing beers (including taps dedicated to other craft breweries in the area), wonderful food and most recently a large scotch collection! The brewery is bare — don’t expect much in terms of comfy chairs or lots of decor — but in my opinion — this is how a brewery should be — it should be about the beer. The tap list changes frequently, and watch out — some of them are quite high in alcohol – but all have a very unique (18th street) delicious taste.

18th Street (along with several other of my favorite breweries) will be participating in the upcoming Shelf Ice Brewfest in Michigan City. It’s the first  of it’s kind in the area, so I think it’s up to all of us to give them some support! This fest will be February 7th and you can expect to see me there! They have secured over 20 breweries and several food vendors. I have been informed that there will be a tent and heating will be available — so don’t be too scared of the cold…. that’s what’s going to make it fun and unique! We are all duners and we can brave the elements, right?!

Here are some other points of interest along Lake street. And folks, if you have a business on Lake street and I haven’t mentioned it… please post it in the comments below!

Keep on digging’ those dunes!

~ Eve

Any specific place you’d like me to highlight? Leave a comment below or message me on Facebook!

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