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15 cool things to do in the dunes this spring.

The sun is shining, the temperatures are warming up and you want to get out and do something fun. Here’s our list of 15 cool things to do in the dunes!

  1. Hike Miller Woods Trail all the way to the beach. You’ll pass the lagoon, some dunes and lots of cool stuff. Head back and have a beer at 18th street.

  2. Visit Heron Rookery when the flowers are in bloom. Park at the Chesterton lot (just off 450 E) and walk along the Little Calumet River. Stop over at Lucrezia in Chesterton for lunch or dinner before or after your hike and dine al fresco at one of Dig the Dunes top patios in the area if it’s warm enough.

  3. Spend the weekend at a beach house before the crowds come in. Many offer reduced rates before Memorial Weekend, which is super cool for us duners! Check out our list of vacation rentals here!

  4. Climb to the top of the dunes at Warren Beach in Michigan. Spend the afternoon touring the SW Michigan breweries and wineries. Harbor Country Adventures can drive you around if you don’t have a designated driver. So cool!

  5. Wait for a warm day and hit one of your favorite patios with a view! Read our list of favorites from last year, right here.

  6. Sign up for the Dig the Dunes beer runs! Our first one is April 3 at Burn ‘Em. You can also get the beer run bundle and score a free run! 

  7. Head to a concert at the Acorn Theater, enjoy dinner before or after at Staymaker. Stroll the streets of Three Oaks.

  8. Do it on April 6 &7 and hit the Journeyman Spring Artisan Market while you are there!

  9. Go to one of the plant sales around town and get ready to garden! Need help deciding what? Check out Miller Garden Club.  Or, the Friends of the Dunes plant sale.

  10. Head to the state park before the summer crowds get here and do your favorite trail. (we recommend trail 9!) Do the three dunes challenge too!

  11. Stroll down the uptown arts district in Michigan City. Do it on a First Friday for added fun and coolness. Lots of shops will be hopping with wine, beer, food and more.

  12. Make some really cool beach glass jewelry at one of the Dig the Dunes jewelry workshops. We are offering several right now and they are all lots of fun. See the list here.

  13. Head to Burn ‘Em Brewings 420 party. It’s where all the cool kids hang out. Listen to some great music and try some delicious beer. There may even be a surprise one on tap!

  14. Head to the lake and kayak or paddle board on the first warm day. The water is will be pretty darn cool and so will you.

  15. And lastly, get your tickets for Jammin with Save the Dunes, the COOLEST music fest around and get ready for summer!

Want to learn about more things to do around the area? Be sure to sign up for the Dig the Dunes weekly e-newsletter, follow us on social media @digthedunes and join our facebook group “Dunes Discoveries”

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