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From people who live in the dunes

“I follow Dig the Dunes on Twitter. I travel a lot for my job and I like that when I am far from home, or at a distant airport, I pull up Twitter and there will be a picture of Lake Michigan or a local trail; it’s a small thing but it gives me something to look forward to when I’m far away.”

Bill Kaplan

“I dig the Dunes because it keeps me up to date on trails and businesses, people, and events in the area since I can’t keep track of it all by myself. I enjoy the photos as well and look forward to receiving the newsletter and the Facebook posts.”

Loralei Brown

“I like the photos of the beach and lake as my realtime check on conditions. They help me decide if I want to go during work breaks and if I should wear a swimsuit or not.”

Hill Duh

“Most often people are visual learners and observers. Dig The Dunes captures the beauty while educating others about this beautiful area and the many things it has to offer. You bring awareness in a unique and engaging way. Captivating your audience is one thing, But engaging your audience is something that you have been able to master. People are learning about this beautiful area and many have discovered it through your efforts and that in itself speaks volumes on so many different levels. Keep it going! I always say great success is achieved through great efforts and this is a prime example of just that.”

Monica Jiminez Susoreny

“I have loved what you’re doing from Day 1! You bring awareness to a beautiful area that’s oftentimes overlooked. There is so much natural beauty, so many cool people and fun things to do here. Dig The Dunes is like Northwest Indiana’s own little Coastal Living magazine!! Thank you for dedicating your time and sharing your love of the Dunes with all of us. PS – Your lake pics are the post I look most forward to each morning!!”

Jenny Soffin

“I like Dig the Dunes as it keeps me posted and notified of events sponsored by and occurring at and near the Dunes, which has so many great hiking trails, classes to further knowledge on nature, music to hear at the beach, festivals to attend, places to dine or grab a bite…. so much more than just a lakeshore.”

Carol Prohaska

“I love learning about the beaches and events..the photos are awesome as well! I began doing rock art pictures late last year, and love finding new beaches to explore!”

Lynn Kee

From people who miss the dunes

“I love Dig the Dunes because it helps me stay connected from afar! I am a former resident of Michigan City , I moved to Hawaii 17 years ago, I still consider Michigan City home and love to keep up with the happenings in that area. I get home twice a year and Dig the Dunes helps me plan for my trips home and also allows me to keep up with whats going on the rest of the year!”

Nancy Toole Flower

“I love your site because it’s always filled with interesting places to go and discover. The daily pictures of the beach make my heart happy, but also longing for the water. I live the ‘beach’ life vicariously through you!!”

Susan Pfeuffer-Powel

“The informative information about the Dunes and the surrounding area. As someone who lives in Southern Indiana not many people understand or know the beauty the Dunes offers and what amazing food and opportunities for families the surrounding area offers. Dig the Dunes keeps me informed on the happenings around a area that my family and I love to explore and gives us new places to check out and try and gets us closer to the Dunes culture that so many people should take the time to explore and experience at least once in life. Keep up the great work!”

Chuck Hanners

“I love the Dig the Dunes page! I grew up in Long Beach, now live in Ireland and besides my family, I miss Lake Michigan the most  I love your pictures and the video you posted the other night of the waves crashing on the beach was the BEST! I could put that video on repeat and never get tired of it. Keep up the good work. You make home seem not quite so far away.”

Patty Meyer Hayden

“I love the daily picture. We don’t have the lake in our back yard like you do, so it is awesome to see the variety. Also, we have friends and family that used to love going out to the lake when they lived here, but alas they live 100’s of miles away now, and they enjoy seeing their long-missed lake! Thanks so much for sharing your passion for the lake with so many of us!”

Judy Jones

From people we promote

"Dig the Dunes was instrumental in helping make both our Bacchus and Beer Fest and Lyric Opera Events a success in August! They redesigned our promotional ad for the Beer Fest and took care of all of our Social Media for both events and we had fantastic turnouts for both events. We loved working with Eve and enjoy having her be part of our ‘team.’  Highly recommended to help promote events in Northwest Indiana!”

Triecia Roberts, Business Manager of Friendship Botanical Gardens and Briar Leaf Golf Course

"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback you've received. Click to edit and add yours."

Suzanne Levis

“Dig the Dunes is a crucial asset to the community. Some people do not understand the importance of the statement “keep it local” and Dig the Dunes thrives on it. We are incredibly lucky to have this organization in our area; they expose the beauty of our region and emphasize the impact of supporting local events. Cheers to you Dig the Dunes for always keeping it local.”

Matt Zakrewski, Co-owner of Burn 'Em Brewing

“Dig the Dunes has helped promote Fire & Water and all our events immensely. They do everything from planning, to promoting, to executing. Their writers and photographers are top-notch and their prices are very reasonable!”

Moe Mroueh, Owner of Fire and Water

"Wells St. Beach and the Pickford / Best family are so excited for the success of Dig the Dunes.  We look to it often to find out what is happening and what new is opening.  We know others do to because they helped us grow our Wednesdays at Wells St to standing room only and us adding tables and chairs. We went a few weeks longer this year – because our customers – loving called the BEST BEACH BUMS EVER! – just don’t want it to stop.    WE have such a blast at it and hope everyone that comes does to."

Mary Ann Best, Wells Street Beach

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