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219 Taproom. Downtown Chesterton’s Newest Destination.

If you haven’t yet gone to 219 Taproom in downtown Chesterton, you need to go give it a try. The recently opened taproom, owned by Joe Juarez and Bill McCarel, doesn’t just have beer, it has really good beer. And it’s beer that you can’t get anywhere else in the dunes.

The taproom’s mission is to bring brews to the area that you don’t find on other taps around town. Currently they are working with Mashcraft out of Greenwood, Hoplore in Leesburg and Studebaker from South Bend. All have self distribution and an excellent variety of styles.

Joe and Bill (and their wives) started 219 Taproom because of a love for good craft beer. They wanted to open a place that would bring beer lovers to downtown Chesterton. They felt the town was on it’s way with Hunter’s Brewing, Chesterton Brewery, and Plat 35; and they look forward to working with these breweries, as well as the local wineries (Butler & Running Vines), to bring more people to the area, making it a craft beer & wine lover’s destination.

219 Taproom has a full menu created by Chef Keith Peffers, complete with chili, brisket, flatbreads, waffles and more. It is family friendly and even has board games for the kids (and adults) in the dining area. One thing it does not have is a TV. The owners want the taproom to be a place for people to come and talk. They do plan to have live music 1-2 times a week and want to have full bands as well as individuals. They also have a patio that will be perfect for people watching during the European Market. Be sure to check their facebook page for upcoming events.

Don’t drink beer? Don’t worry. 219 Taproom also carries a variety of craft wine, cocktails and even soda.

The Taproom is located at 109 S. 3rd Street in downtown Chesterton. It is open every day of the week, starting at 4pm Monday thru Thursday and at 11 am on Fri, Sat & Sun. You can find more information as well as a menu on their website.

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