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5 Thanksgiving Trails for which you should be thankful.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Thanksgiving week is here and family will be arriving soon. After the food is on the table and your bellies are full, what should you do next? Hit the trails, of course! We’ve got a sunny forecast ahead, so it should be perfect weather to go for a hike. Here are five of our favorites.

Trail 9, Indiana Dunes State Park, Chesterton IN

This one will get your heart pumping as you climb up to the ridge, but it’s well worth it. The view at the top is amazing and as soon as you see it you will be thankful for what you have and where you live. It’s 3.75 miles in length and has been listed in several magazines as a top trail.

Ambler Flatwoods, Michigan City IN

First off, we all need to be thankful for Shirley Heinze Land Trust, which works to preserve, protect and restore natural areas in Northwest Indiana so that we are able to go out and enjoy them! Ambler Flatwoods is a boreal flat wood that covers several spots along Freyer and Meer roads. You can find this magical pine tree trail right off of Freyer and 900. (across the street from the small parking lot). It’s the perfect place to take a family photo. Be sure to hashtag #digthedunes if you do!

Mount Baldy, Michigan City IN

We all need to be thankful that this trail (and family tradition) is back open! People have been hiking Mount Baldy for years and have many happy memories of doing so. Although you can not climb up the dune itself, there is a beautiful trail that will get you to the beach to see it. And Mt. Baldy is a beautiful backdrop for any photo!

Succession Trail, Portage IN and Long Lake Trail, Gary IN

There is a lot to be thankful for within the West Beach trails. For one, climb those stairs once or twice and you will burn all the calories from your Thanksgiving dinner! This is a beautiful set of trails that can be tackled all in one day or over some time. The view at the top of succession is gorgeous and the run down the dune of Long Lake trail makes you feel like a child again.

Little Calumet River Trail and Bailly/Chellberg, Porter IN

A prairie, bridges, the river and plenty of history can be found in this circuit of trails. This trail is perfect for both kids and adults. Be thankful for the Bailly’s and the rich history as you wander the farm, the cemetery and the homestead.

Do you have a  favorite trail that was not listed? Please share!


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Want to give back? Consider donating to Save the Dunes. Save the Dunes mission is to preserve, protect & restore the Indiana Dunes. One example? They will be working with Shirley Heinze Land Trust on a conservation planning project for Ambler Flatwoods, which is a rare boreal flatwood. You can read more here.


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