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5 ways to not let this cold weather get you down.

Over the last week or so winter has really started to take hold. We’ve seen more grey days then blue, a big snowfall, dropping temps and some brutal wind chills. I found myself looking at the 10 day forecast and spewing obscenities to my phone. But we can’t crawl under a blanket and let winter get us down! Sure, it’s okay to hibernate for a little while, but we have so many cool things to do and see here in the winter that we need to embrace it.  It’s only a few months, guys. In fact, in less than 2 weeks, the days will start getting longer again. So let’s do this!

  1. Bundle up and hit the trails. Warm coat, hat, mittens and warm shoes essential. You don’t want to be cold for this. Head to any one of our trails (and there are so many!), get away from the wind and start walking. And walk fast. Soon your body will start warming up and you can look around a little and notice how beautiful things are when you are outside and alone. You can peel off some layers and really start to feel invigorated. It may not seem ideal, but if you force yourself to get out, you will feel so much better when you go back inside!

  2. Make your house a cozy little home. Kick up the heat for a little while, start a fire in the fireplace, bake some cookies (even if they are the store bought kind) and have some hot chocolate (or spiked coffee!). Turn on some music, grab a book and a blanket and savor a moment to just relax.

  3. Get outside and take photos. Some of the best photo ops are in the winter. The snow on the trees this past week was beautiful. Icicles form along the shore when the waves freeze. Clouds and waves are gorgeous. Sign up for a photography class or just go out on your own. Explore new places and maybe even enter some contests. We have the material in front of us, now you just need to snap away!

  4. Start a new hobby. One of the best ways to pass the time is by doing something you love. Maybe it’s writing, drawing or jewelry making. Whatever you choose, just jump in and make the most of it. Nowadays you can watch youtube videos to find out how to do almost anything. Again, turn on some good music, make sure you have good lighting and let your creativity shine!

  5. Go out and be social. It’s easy to become a hermit in the winter. You get home and just want to sit in front of the TV. That’s okay sometimes, but try to get out and be around people. Some of the local restaurants are all decked out for the holidays. Treat yourself and get a group together for dinner or drinks. Once you get out of the house and around people, you will feel better. Laughter is the best medicine!


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