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A Trip into the Big Little City.

Submitted by Eve Wierzbicki Feature photo by: Kevin Shick

It was a Saturday night and my husband and I were looking for something fun to do. We just got back from a road trip to Kalamazoo and we were tired of driving. It was a special occasion, but we didn’t quite have it in us to take a trip all the way to the “big city” of Chicago…

So…we decided to do the reverse train ride and head into the “Big Little City” — Michigan City!

It was a perfect little adventure. Here’s what we did!

We grabbed the 5:58 South Shore Train from the Ogden Dunes/Portage stop, packed a to-go cup and a little bit of wine and then sat on the upper deck of the double decker and enjoyed the view of our 61st National Park. (Make sure to sit on the north side for the best view!). 26 minutes later we arrived at the 11th Street stop in Michigan City.

It was an easy stroll down Franklin Street, past many shops and restaurants. We browsed and walked all the way to the end of the square where we put our name in for a table at the city’s newest hot spot, Leeds Public House. There was a wait, so we decided to have a drink and an appetizer at Fiddlehead. It was perfect timing, just as we finished our delicious lamb skewers, our table was ready. We sat outside on the patio at Leed’s and enjoyed a leisurely dinner.

Photo provided by the City of Michigan City

When we were finished we still had some time to spare. What to do? We started to head back towards the train station and heard music coming from 7th street. McGinnis Pub! There were a couple of our favorite musicians playing, The Jordans and James Band. It was a gorgeous night to be outside and we were taking the train home, so why not? We hung out and relaxed on the patio for about an hour and then briskly walked the four blocks to 11th to grab the 10:07 train home. We were back in Ogden Dunes by 10:30 after experiencing a full night of fun!

There are many things you can do during that 3.5 hours of time. (and it’s the perfect amount of time!). We considered walking all the way to the beach to see the sunset and then have dinner at Sunset Grille. Or a beer at Shoreline and dinner at Fish Camp, Chickpea or Arcadia. There are many new spots popping up. (You can find many of these in our directory).

You can enjoy this adventure from any of the South Shore stops. Create your own and submit it to us. We’d love to hear what you did!

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