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A world without pictures

This past week and weekend, was so busy and full of fun. It was quite possibly my 7th (now 8th) grade daughter’s last dance recital. She has been dancing since she was 3. My mother came in from Florida, my in-laws arrived for the event and she looked and danced more beautiful than ever.

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day. We hit the European Market, took a long hike through the trails, walked down to the beach for a beautiful sunset and saw the bright red sky. It was “Jammin with Save the Dunes” in Washington Park so I headed down there and documented the event. Lots of music, beer, food and fun.

On Sunday, I dropped my mom off at the airport in South Bend and headed over to the Apple store. I have been having some problems with my iPhone and after talking on the phone to them for countless hours, I decided to head to the store to talk to someone in person. After looking at my phone, the technician decided the only thing to do was erase it.

And then boom.

Before I could think, everything was gone. My contacts, my emails, my texts… photos. I backed things up at home about a week ago, but then there was a glitch when I plugged my phone back in and everything was wiped out.

I do have most of my photos saved, but not from the past week. Thanks to Facebook & Instagram & family and friends, I will be able to get most of those photos back. But it felt so weird. So empty. My phone that is usually filled with hundreds of photos now has zero. My screen saver is green.

So, this morning as I work to get all my contacts back, figure out which apps I lost and start to rebuild my iPhone photo library, I send you this photo-less blog. No beaches, or trees, or trails. This week, it’s a blog without photos.

But don’t worry, next week they will be back!

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