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All Washed Up: Beach Glassing in SW Michigan

Photos and story by: Beth Rudnick

Looking for those elusive tidal treasures we call beach glass? Check out these beaches in lower Michigan. You bet your glass you'll find some gorgeous beach booty to bring home.

First stop was Rocky Gap park just north of St. Joe, MI. It's a lovely place to enjoy the lake front AND rumor has it our beloved beach glass is found in abundance. Sadly, Rocky Gap was a bit of a wash. I even did some dune digging for our buried pleasures. We did find some small pieces. Not to be cast adrift, we headed north to Hagar Beach - a much less-traversed area. And we "shore" got lucky! Not only is the area beautiful but your gluts get a workout picking up shard after shard. The catch of the day - a piece of pottery with blue paint still on it.

Hagar Beach in SW Michigan

My advice: wait until after mother nature gives us another day of high north winds. Today was warm and there were many collectors on the hunt. To find both Rocky Gap Park and Hagar Beach, take M63 North of Saint Joe. Rocky Gap has 2 parking areas; the 2nd has beach access. Hagar is easy to pass by -- watch for a small parking area on the left about 10 minutes north of Saint Joe. Be sure to tap your glasses -- drink glasses that is -- with a celebratory stop at Silver Harbor Brewing Company at 721 Pleasant Street, Saint Joe, or the Haymarket Taproom at 9301 Red Arrow Hwy, Bridgman, MI, on your way home. Both have locally brewed bubblies and vegan options. So get your glass out there and happy hunting!


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