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Bailly/Chellburg/Little Calumet

Location: 618 Mineral Springs Rd, Porter IN Trails: Several loops, can add up to approx. 4 miles Hours: Open sunrise to 30 minutes past sunset Entrance Cost: Requires a National Park Pass: 1-7 day vehicle pass: $25 per carload/$20 per motorcycle; Walk-in, bike-in, boat-in 1-7 day pass: $15 individual/$25 family; Indiana Dunes National Park Annual Pass: $45/year; America the Beautiful Annual Pass (entrance to over 2,000 federal recreation sites): $80/year. Passes can be purchased at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center, 1215 N. State Road 49, Chesterton, IN. Parking: There is parking at Chellberg Farm or at the end of Howe Rd. Dog-Friendly: Dogs allowed on leash Restrooms: Yes, at Chellberg Farm lot Blogger Thoughts: (Donna Lind)

• Fun place to run • Can get very muddy throughout the river trail • Be sure to cross street and check out the Bailly cemetery as well • Prairie is very cool. Lots of crickets in different seasons The Calumet River Trail follows the Little Calumet River and then turns toward prairie and woodland. Along the way we found signs of life from a previous time – a twisted iron gate and clusters of daffodils randomly pushing up from the woodland floor. If you go in early spring, like we did, make sure you prepare for hiking a trail that is wet and muddy and at times impassable without sloshing through the muck. It is also not well marked, and even with map in hand, we were confused when we came across other trails not shown on the map that intersected it. Nevertheless, it’s a peaceful hike, even with the occasional train passing by and on this day, we had the trail all to ourselves. About halfway into the hike, the trail crosses the river again over a gorgeous bridge and series of wooden walkways across wetlands seemingly out of nowhere. It loops behind the Dunes Learning Center campus and crosses Howe Road, heading back toward the homestead.


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