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Bailly Homestead, Chellberg Farm & Little Calumet Trail

Looking for a fun, historical and beautiful trail? Head over to Bailly Homestead! This trail system actually includes several different areas and trails. Across Howe Rd. is the Little Calumet River Trail which is a gorgeous 2 mile hike through prairie and woodland, and across Oak Hill Rd. you will come upon the Bailly Cemetery, which can be seen through the trees along Hwy. 12 if you look very closely!


You can park right in the Bailly Homestead lot. There is a picnic area, gift shop in season, as well as restrooms. From there you can choose to head straight to the homestead (a short hike of just about .5 miles), or to the farm area and through the circuit of stairs and bridges. (My favorite, and an amazing place for some great photos). There are now chickens at the farm, so be sure to stop by and say hi to them!


Those looking for a longer hike, should then cross Howe Rd. and tack on an additional 2 miles with the river trail, otherwise, you can continue along the loop and take it back to the homestead, which is a National Landmark. There you will find the main house and rustic cabins.


This is a great hike in all seasons, and it is also where some of the more popular festivals are like the maple sugar fest. Interested in finding out about more of the trails in the area? Be sure to check out our complete trails and beaches page!


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