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Beverly Shores Trail System

Location: Trailheads at Kemil or Dunbar parking lots or off Broadway in Beverly Shores

Hours: Dusk until Dawn daily

Trail Length: approximately 7 miles total

Entrance Cost: Free

Parking: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes, on a leash.

Restrooms: Yes, at the parking lots

The Beverly Shores Trail system is a series of grassy paths that weave in and out of the wooded landscape tucked between the town of Beverly Shores to the east, the Indiana Dunes State Park to the west and Lake Michigan to the north.

There are several ways to access these trails. My favorite starting point is the Kemil Beach parking lot by way of the Dune Ridge Trail. Instead of completing the Dune Ridge Trail loop, you can take the fork leading away from the parking lot and venture farther into the shady forest. Another good way to start is from the Dunbar parking lot where the trail begins at the back of the lot, however this parking lot is small and in the summer months can fill up quickly. A third way is to start at the small parking area on the abandoned West Beverly Drive, hike what remains of the road through the Great Marsh and pick up the trail after the barricade on the opposite end leading back into the woods.

At each intersection, the trails are well marked with bright white signs that let you know where you are. All the paths are grassy, flat and easy to navigate even though they can become a bit close during the summer months due to the thick


Depending on the route you take, you can experience the shady quiet of the thick forest, walk through the wide expanse of the Great Marsh or overlook the blues of Lake Michigan to the horizon.

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