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Bootleggin’ brought the crowds out to Barker Mansion

Photos by: Stephen Lehman

They entered through the back alley, whispering the password and ticket in hand. On Saturday night, 200+ people entered Barker Mansion, dressed for the party, and ready for the Cocktail Concept’s first event, “Bootleggin’ at Barker Mansion”.

“We wanted to raise awareness for the Mansion,” said Mohamed Mroueh, one of the event’s organizers, “as well as throw one of the best parties this town has seen.”

And indeed they did.

Throughout the mansion, guests could sample one of four cocktails, each chosen specifically from the 1920’s time period. Zorn Brew Works was on hand with their Elston Grove Breakfast Stout and Journeyman Distillery was providing small samples. Dark Star provided the food and the cash bar.

Guests were able to walk the mansion on their own. Live music was on both the first and third floor. Volunteers were scattered throughout the mansion answering questions and keeping a close eye on the crowds.

“The event was very well organized,” said Cecile Wrobleski, one of the volunteers, “no one got out of hand and it seemed like everyone was really enjoying themselves. It was just so much fun to hang out at the mansion.”

Dig the Dunes also had a large part in the organization and promotion of the event. And as per usual, they, along with the Cocktail Concept, will be giving back to the mansion. A part of the proceeds will go to a children’s sleepover the mansion is having in the fall.

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