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Calumet Dunes Paved Trail

For those looking to hop out of their car and get a quick burst of the great outdoors, the Calumet Dunes Paved Trail is just what you need — especially this time of year! Located right at the intersection of Dunes Hwy 12 and Kemil beach you will find a parking lot where the old visitor’s center used to be. There is plenty of parking as well as a restroom.

You can start the trail from either direction and just follow the paved path. For those that are more adventurous, you can jump off the trail and follow the Glenwood Dunes Trail System which is over six miles and more rugged terrain. (and is great for cross country skiing!).

This trail, however, is perfect for those that can’t get around very well (in fact the whole trail is handicap accessible). It is just .5 miles long and features the Calumet Dunes Ridge, which was the edge of the lake, formed thousands of years ago.


There’s a nice bridge for the photographer in you. Tag #DigTheDunes if you post on instagram!

It’s perfect for someone who just wants to take a nice stroll, or for the busy person that just needs a quick break from their day. Benches line the path and there is a nice bridge for the the photographer in you. Along the trail you can see an abundance of birds, chipmunks and even a fuzzy caterpillar.


This caterpillar was moving slowly across my path

And, as a bonus, take a drive down Kemil (or tunnel) road, as some call it. Where the trees and all the beautiful colors line the streets. When you hit the end of the road, you will be right at the beach!

Kemil (tunnel) Road

Kemil (tunnel) Road

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