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Hey everyone! Did you hear there’s a new website in town? One of our favorite dunes towns, Michigan City, has gotten an online face lift. Dig the Dunes was lucky enough to sit down with Rich Murphy, City Controller, and the team that built, MIchigan City’s newest website created for both locals and tourists. Looking for the scoop? Here it is!

When will the new website launch? The website launched this week and so far we have gotten lots of positive feedback. We want everyone to check it out, but please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and we will be adding to it and improving it continually. Check it out right here!

Why a new website? is an exciting new interactive website that promotes the unique lifestyle brand of Michigan City, Indiana. One of our favorite aspects of the website is that it highlights our local small business people. It tells their stories of their hard work and their dreams, whether they are a small business, a brewery, a restaurant, an art gallery, we highlight them and then we use their story to promote the best of Michigan City. We are proud of our city and it’s residents and we want to share that with the world!

Is the website primarily for locals, tourists or both? BOTH! The website is full of all sorts of information for both locals and tourists. A tourist can come in and create their very own planner with places to eat, attractions to see and even find events happening during their stay. We want people to realize that when they come visit Michigan City, they can stay a few days, it doesn’t need to just be a day trip to Lighthouse Place or the beach.

A local can check out the events happening, watch fun videos, find a new trail or restaurant and even learn more about the city itself.

If there is a small business in Michigan City that is not currently on the website, what do they need to do to get a listing? What about an event? Events are easy! If you create an event on Facebook, just make My Michigan City a co-host, it will automatically link up to the website (of course we will monitor and make sure the events are appropriate). New businesses or creators should fill out a form by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. We do ask that you have patience. This is a work in progress and our team is doing there best to get listings up when they can. If you see something that you know should be listed, but is not — please contact us and let us know! There are so many great things in Michigan City that something may slip past us.

How does someone get to be a feature on the website? There is a process you will need to go through to be featured. We will change these monthly. Because this is free, we need to see what applications come in and try to fairly choose different people or places.

Why “Create, Play, Repeat”? Create Play Repeat depicts the “Michigan City Comeback” that we see unfolding right now. Our downtown has come back. There is a buzz in our community and we feel the market is looking to Michigan City to be the next big investment opportunity on Lake Michigan.

Investors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and artisans are fueling the movement. tells their stories and captures the energy they have brought to our community. They are the star of the show. This website is really a partnership. We help them by telling their stories and in turn they help us to promote Michigan City.

Create is our creative energy, Play is recreation aspect, and Repeat is the lifestyle that can be achieved by doing it over and over again.

Anything else? We invite you all to visit the website, share it with others, let us know what you like about it. We want this website to work both ways. We want you to get information from it, but we also want the residents of Michigan City to bring information to us.

Here is our secret weapon: Michigan City, Indiana can deliver everything that our neighbors up in Michigan can do AND MORE. Whether it’s small-town waterfront, the stunning beauty of Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes, great food and drink, rich arts and culture, cool up and coming neighborhoods that are walking distance from the South Shore Railroad, we have it all and with our proximity to Chicago, you can have both the small town — and the big town when you want it.

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Michigan City has so much to offer! And now you can find it right here, at!


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