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Cross Country Skiing in the Dunes

There are many different places to cross country ski in the dunes and with all the snow we have received this season, I have been able to hit several of the trails. Here are a few of them with some words of advice!

THE BEACH There are many access points to the beach along Hwy 12. During the off season it’s much easier to park too! If you are looking for a good workout, flat surface and unlimited miles, the beach is the place to go. Drifting can be a problem though and sometimes the sand and rocks can scratch up your skis, so be sure to go just after a fresh snow. Keep an eye out for windchill as well. It can get very windy down there!

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Tolleston Dunes is for the more advanced skier. It takes between 45 minutes to an hour to do the long trail. Located across the street from Ogden Dunes, there is a parking lot and easy access to the trails. If skiing Tolleston, be prepared for lots of big hills both up & down and plenty of curves. Tolleston is a must for experienced skiers!

GLENWOOD DUNES TRAIL (formerly Ly-co-ki-we)

Glenwood Dunes is my favorite trail in the area. There are two access points, one on Hwy 12 at Kemil road and one on Hwy 20 just west of Kemil. The loop from Hwy 12 is 2.1 miles and will take the average skier about 45 minutes to complete. When doing the full trail you can ski up to 6.4 miles! This trail has several smaller hills, lots of curves and from what i’ve heard…. a pack of coyotes! Glenwood Dunes is perfect for the skier that is just past beginner. It’s good practice for hills and with all the turns it never gets boring.


The most popular ski trail at the Indiana Dunes State Park is the 10/2 combo. You can park at the Nature Center and pick up the trail there. It’s a very beautiful/scenic trail and mainly flat so it is good for beginners. When doing the complete loop, it takes  just under an hour. This trail does take a bit of endurance, so if you haven’t been exercising much, you may want to just go to a certain point and then head back rather than do the full loop.

I hope to continue researching more trails and posting them here. Stay tuned!

Trail 2 at Indiana Dunes State Park

Trail 2 at Indiana Dunes State Park

Glenwood Dunes Trail

Glenwood Dunes Trail

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