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Dig the Dunes digs up beach glass necklace believed to belong to “Diana of the Dunes”.

What started out as a casual Sunday afternoon walk on the beach, turned into nothing of the sort for Eve Wierzbicki, founder of Dig the Dunes.

Eve was walking west along Ogden Dunes beach, taking photos and searching for shoreline treasures, when she stumbled upon a beautiful piece of beach glass attached to a chain. Upon further investigation, she realized it was a necklace that appeared to be well designed, but quite old.

Wierzbicki took the necklace home and started to do some research. She called on a few friends that were knowledgeable about the history of the area. Then she started googling.

To her surprise, Eve found an illustration of Diana of the Dunes wearing a necklace with the exact shape of the glass and the exact same wrapping. Eve was stunned.

She showed the image to her friends and they agreed wholeheartedly. This was something special.

Dig the Dunes would like to show you this amazing necklace and get your thoughts. But first, you will need to smile as we say “April Fools!”. How many of you did we get…maybe just for a second?

If you would like to make some beach glass jewelry fit for Diana of the Dunes, consider joining us for one of our beach glass wire wrapping classes! We have two scheduled, and you can find them here…along with a few other fun events!

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