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Dig the Dunes to now “dig” the mountains

After a recent trip East, Dig the Dunes founder, Eve Wierzbicki, had decided to pick up and move to Tennessee, where she will start “digging” the mountains. As of April 2, the new website will be On the site you will find tips for hiking mountains as well as photos of the mountains. The Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages will change as well.

“I love the dunes,” said Wierzbicki, “but I think it’s just time to move on.”

Mountains featured will be both the Blue Ridge and The Smoky. Dig the Mountains apparel and events will come in the next few months.

And yes, of course, this is an April Fools joke!

In all seriousness, Dig the Dunes did take a trip out east. Favorite places?

  1. Knoxville Tennessee. Very outdoorsy, great breweries, hiking, biking, walking and people. Definitely stop there on your next trip out that way. The Holiday Inn right downtown has amazing deals! Be sure to check out Ijams Nature Center, Trailhead Beer Market, SoKno tacos, Pretentious Beer and Glass Works and Crafty Bastard (dogs everywhere!).

  2. Chimney Rock and Brevard, North Carolina. Cute towns in the mountains. Again, outdoorsy. Stay at The Esmerelda in Chimney Rock, check out the local brewery, you might see a Dig the Dunes sticker there!

  3. 276. Drive from Brevard to the Blue Ridge Mountains along 276 and by Pisgah National Forest. Great hiking, tons of waterfalls!

But home will always be the dunes! Look for an exciting announcement coming this week!

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