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Diggin’ being a Vegan in the Dunes. (part 1).

Submitted by: Beth Rudnick Feature photo taken from Leeds facebook page.

With the weather getting hotter, cool down with a light and healthy vegan option, support local business, and maybe add a relaxing walk to the day’s menu. There’s no shortage of beautiful scenery and gorgeous meals in our area! (In this article we are featuring some spots in Michigan City, next up…Chesterton!)

The vegan burger at Fiddlehead is a healthy choice for hot days. Fiddlehead, in a beautifully restored historic building in downtown Michigan City on Franklin, also has ample outside seating. Owner Aaron O’Reilly makes a point to honor veterans by donating a portion of his proceeds, and he celebrates diversity with unusual events, like giving customers the royal treatment with Queen-side pickup featuring MC’s drag community. Great food with a great mission.

Newly opened Brix Tasting Room a few blocks south of Fiddlehead on 6th Street offers artisan pizzas and a dry red Writer’s Block. Or, try a variety of wines paired perfectly with the vegan hummus platter. Brix founders, MC natives Tyler and Tamara Gonder, also donate a portion of their proceeds to local charities.

Find your Zen with Leed’s Public House’s new vegan Buddha Bowl (shown in our feature photo).  Leeds, on Franklin in downtown MC, is located in one of the oldest remaining buildings in MC and has charming outdoor seating.  

Millenium Plaza

Now that you’ve filled your stomach, take a brief walk or drive to Washington Park’s Millennium Plaza to fill your soul. Located by Fish Camp (where you can grab a Lakeside vegan house salad). Take it to go and enjoy this lakefront option that has lots of seating, a lovely fountain, and the calming harbor. No need to haggle with crowds in this often-overlooked paradise, and parking is free.

So dig those dog days of summer while keeping healthy and feeling food- and soul-filled.

Want to learn about more places like this? Be sure to check out the full Dig the Dunes cool digs directory, right here.

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