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Dinosaur attraction and store opens in downtown Griffith.

Take a trip to Jurassic Park without leaving Northwest Indiana.

I Dig Dinos, a new dinosaur, toy and fossil store, opened at 100 S. Broad in downtown Griffith.

Owners Kevin Pete and Ruben Luna opened the interactive and immersive dinosaur attraction that transports visitors back to prehistoric times. It’s located in the prominent space where An-Dee's Floral used to be at the highly trafficked intersection of Main and Broad streets.

I Dig Dinos is a unique museum-like destination, a first of its kind for Northwest Indiana. Decorated with vines, rocks and other prehistoric decorations, it’s a place where lifelike T-Rexes and Triceratopses can been seen.

Dedicated to the larger-than-life dinosaurs that long roamed the earth, the 2,500-square-foot store displays dozens of dinosaur head mounts and full-size dinosaur models. Visitors are surrounded by sauropods, compies, raptors, a sabertooth cat and many other prehistoric creatures.

Kids ages 2 and up can ride the animatronic raptor on display in the front window for a small fee. They can climb up Randy the Utahraptor for a thrilling 3-minute-long Ride-a-Dino experience.

The store sells authentic fossils for serious collectors from all over the globe such as Megalodon or Spinosaurus teeth, as well as replica fossils like T-Rex teeth and velociraptor claws. Those looking to get into the fossil collecting hobby can start out with trilobites, ammonites, crinoids, turtle shells, and other common, less costly fossils.

Catering to families with young kids, I Dig Dinos stocks dinosaur-themed toys, collector rocks, meteorites, gems, jewelry, candy, stuffed animals, figurines and make-your-own-gem necklaces, as well as fun and whimsical products like Dinosaur Poop. It has an explorer section with binoculars, magnifying glasses and hardhats.

More than just a store, I Dig Dinos offers many hands-on activities for children, including geode-cracking, gold panning to find gems and a fossil dig. Kids can study fossils and geodes at a paleontologist work desk. They can create sand art by filling containers with differently colored sand or make their own prehistoric plushes at a stuffed dinosaur workstation.

The business, which is open every day from 10am - 5pm, has 10 parking spaces out back and ample street parking. The store hosts fields trips, welcomes birthday parties and has gift certificates that make great presents.


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