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Dunes Learning Center

THIS YEAR’S THEME: Kids will be inspired to explore the world of Herpetology when they get to meet the amphibians and reptiles that live here in Indiana Dunes National Park. There are 18 species of amphibians (frogs, toads, newts and salamanders) plus 23 species of reptiles (lizards, turtles and snakes) in the park. Campers will have fun rolling over logs and finding frogs as they explore different ecosystems throughout the park this summer!

Ages 9-13 Dunes Discovery 1 - June 20-24 (Mon-Fri) Dunes Discovery 2 - June 27-July 1 (Mon-Fri) Dunes Discovery 3 - July 18-22 (Mon-Fri) Dunes Discovery 4 - July 25-29 (Mon-Fri)

Ages 14-17 Dunes Adventure Teen Camp - July 11-15 (Mon-Fri)

Ages 5-8 Chellberg Farm Camp Session 1 Ages 5-6 June 21-23 (Tues-Thurs) Ages 7-8 June 28-30 (Tues-Thurs)

Chellberg Farm Camp Session 2 Ages 5-6 July 12-14 (Tues-Thurs) Ages 7-8 July 19-21 (Tues-Thurs)

Ages 6-8 Critter Camp - August 1-5 (Mon-Fri)

(219) 395-9555

700 Howe Rd Chesterton, Indiana

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