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Family owned beach destination continues to flourish.

Photo credit: Chad Ulam

Six generations later, Wells Street Beach Concession and Parking, a neighborhood family run business in Miller Beach, continues to grow. This spot, right on the beach at Wells Street, opened up as a parking lot in 1928 for kids looking to make a little extra money, now you can find a full concession stand (with beer, wine and sangria!), the cleanest bathrooms around, and a great gathering spot for residents and visitors alike.

This year, Wells Street Beach decided to start something new. Every Wednesday evening they have “Wednesdays at Wells Street Beach”. Each week they provide a variety of events including live music, activities for kids and adults and new food items. So far this summer they have had sidewalk chalk artists, made driftwood candles, had Patti Mac B’loon lady and even stand up paddle board demonstrations.

People have been coming to Wells Street Beach for decades, and Alice Pickford, who has been running the business now for 39 years, runs a tight ship. It makes her happy when she hears customers saying how clean everything is. From the bathrooms to the parking lot to the concession area. They work very hard and train their staff to keep it this way.

Mary Ann Best, Alice’s daughter, came back this year to help her mom and is having a blast. “I love working with my mom” she said, “and being here during the week, watching everyone enjoy themselves, is so much fun.” She loves planning the Wednesday nights and meeting new people at these events.

Wells Street Beach prides themselves on employing hundreds of kids to help pay for their educations and they have instilled strong work ethics in all of them. They have watched many of the kids move into fantastic careers!  “It’s fun when they come back and share their lives with us.” said Alice, ” It really is a family business – if you are related or not! ”

Want to go to Wells Street Beach? They are located at 9501 Lake Shore Drive, Miller Beach IN 46403. Get there by noon on weekends as the parking lot is very popular. If you are just coming to the concession for lunch or dinner, be sure to let the attendant know as you do not need to pay for parking.

Be sure follow them on Facebook to see what events they have planned!

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