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Five End of Summer Date Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss.

By Matt Cunningham

With summer retreating into the rear view mirror, now is a great time for all you romantics and brave souls navigating the dating game to shake up your love life. Here are five ideas that Dig the Dunes has comprised to end your summer strong.

  1. The Acorn Theater is a sure way to enjoy a spellbound evening. With an array of acts and a venue that’s easy on the eyes, it’s no surprise that this place is a staple in Harbor Country to put some sizzle into an evening not spent on the couch. And with an array of cafes, shops and breweries nearby, you can easily make a day of it. Journeyman Distillery’s restaurant Staymaker is an opportune stop before or after a show to imbibe. Get a group together and order punch bowls. We’re anxious to try the John Daly Punch Bowl, comprised of buggy whip wheat whiskey, lemon, simple syrup and iced tea.

  2. Check out an open mic. Zorn Brew Works, which offers one Wednesday nights in a classy setting nestled in Michigan City’s historic Elston Grove neighborhood. Enjoy the music, fun shenanigans and see where the night takes you. If you find yourself unlucky in love, perhaps, as the adage goes, a game of cards at nearby Blue Chip Casino may be in order.

  3. Get on a patio and enjoy cold beverages, lake breeze and the antics of the staff at 100 Washington. 100’s patio is great to enjoy at night when the candles and fire pit are lit, and, hey, folks at the bar may be too. Trade secret: find out if Tony is working. A skilled bartender and raconteur, he can whip up one of the best Mai Tais we’ve had the pleasure in indulging. Or perhaps, you prefer a delicious rosè, or, hey, sometimes just something cold is all right, too. Nearby Washington Park is a great place to enjoy a casual walk along the pier to watch boaters, people fish and kiteboarders.

  4. Grab some coffee at Red Cup in Chesterton Indiana. This is a great idea for a Saturday when the farmer’s market is happening. A plethora of quaint shops make a caffeinated jaunt in this gem of a town a must, no matter the season. Chesterton’s downtown promenade makes a great place to grab some bench and soak in some summer rays as you enjoy the jolt of caffeine and great company.

  5. Okay, let’s be real. The best date is always on the beach. Pack a picnic. Play music. Just lie in the sand. Our favorite spot is Mount Baldy. It’s open again, and it’s always been a treasure for visitors and locals alike.

So, whether you’re trying to rekindle a vibe or trying to make a new connection, we hope this shortlist gets you out into the dunes to do some digging.

Is your favorite spot not on this list? Let us know. We are always up to explore.

Photo by: Katelyn Manion, featuring Stephen and Kaitlyn Lehman of Rainstorm Photo.

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