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Five Spots to Social Distance Yourself in the Dunes.

We are currently living in a very scary time. Isolation, quarantine and social distancing are words we are hearing over and over again. It’s easy to become trapped in front of your phone or computer, continuously scrolling through COVID-19 updates. Try to break away for a little bit and get outside. Luckily, we live in a very beautiful place. And, a place that makes it easy for us to get out, alone, and reconnect with ourselves and with nature.

Here are five spots in the dunes where you can disconnect.

Succession Trail has plenty of stairs and beautiful views.

  1. West Beach, Succession Trail. Nothing gets your heart racing like hundreds of stairs. This trail is short, but well worth the climb. Get to the top and rest on one of the benches while enjoying a view of Lake Michigan and our beautiful dunes. Your car will be only one of a few in the parking lot and without the summer crowds, you will have this trail to yourself.

  2. Portage Lakefront & Riverwalk. The building and restrooms are closed, but you can still take a nice walk along the path and get a view of the pier. This has been a hot spot to drive to over the last few weeks to watch the waves and it’s one of just a few places in the National Park where you can see the lake without getting out of your car.

  3. Kemil Beach. Although we don’t have as much beach as we did just a few years ago, there are still spots where you can walk the shoreline. Try parking at Kemil Beach in Beverly Shores. Or, go into the State Park, park in the main lot and walk East. You can find some solitude there while hunting for beach glass and other fun treasures.

  4. Mount Tom, Mount Jackson & Mount Holden. Going off paths and climbing dunes in many spots is discouraged, however there are a few places where you are allowed. The Three Dunes Challenge in the State Park is one that is well worth checking out. Reaching the summit of a dune, admiring the view at 192 feet, and taking a moment to reflect is a great way to get out and get away from all the negativity.

  5. Floral Lane, Warren Dunes State Park. Need to social distance yourself? Don’t go to the main entrance of Warren Dunes, head to Floral Lane. This trail takes you up and down dunes. It’s beautiful, it’s big and it heads straight to the beach. Follow the ridge for some breathtaking views.

Portage Lakefront has a gorgeous path and views of the lake, pier and surrounding dunes.

There are many other amazing spots in the dunes to get away and get outside. You can check out our full list of trails, along with descriptions, right here.

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