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Five things you need to do before summer is over.

Photo credit: Stephen Lehman

It’s the end of August and Labor Day weekend is looming around the corner. We will still have plenty of nice days in September and October, but that real sense of summer is slowly drifting away. Here in the dunes, we need to take advantage of our summer days. We wait all year for them to come, and it seems like before we know it, they are gone! So here’s a list of five things we think you need to get out and do before summer slips away.

  1. Go watch a sunset. We’ve had some pretty spectacular ones this summer and there are more to come. Head to Portage Lakefront or the Indiana Dunes State Park for a nice evening walk beforehand, or sit and relax at Fire & Water, Wells Street Beach or Carmella’s. There are plenty of great spots along the lakefront to go and check out a sunset. If you take a photo and post on instagram, be sure to #digthedunes!

  2. Get in the water. This year the lake has been wonderfully warm! If you haven’t gone in…and under — do it! It always seems cold when you first get in, but once you go under, it feels great! As the nights get cooler, so will the lake — so do it soon!

  3. Hit all the places that close in the winter! As you head towards Michigan, it seems like lots of places close when the cold weather hits. So, make sure to stop in to all your favorite spots! Outpost in New Buffalo always has an excellent sale at the end of the year, grab your 50% off summer gear, pack it away and you’ll have a surprise waiting for you next spring.

  4. Go see an outdoor concert. From Michigan City, to Valpo to West Beach there are many options for outdoor music. Sometimes you need to seek it out, but they are there. This Saturday the National Park Service is having a 100th anniversary concert at West Beach with the 40 piece Northwest Indiana Symphony!

  5. Look forward to fall. Yes, summer is slowly ending, but the cooler/drier air that fall brings means it’s easier to get outside, explore and hit the trails. Running is easier, trails aren’t overgrown and many of the tourists go home — which means the dunes are quiet again! Dig the Dunes will be on hand to fill you in on the secret spots and places to hit all year long!—–Have you picked up your fall gear yet? Dig the Dunes has their fall tees on sale as well as some pretty cool decals!

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