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Floral Lane: Warren Dunes State Park

Submitted by: Stephen Lehman


I had never been to Warren Dunes State Park before Eve asked me to check out the Warren Dunes trail at the end of Floral Lane. The trail turned out to be absolutely gorgeous, apart from the mosquitos. The trail starts at the end of Floral Lane in Bridgman, MI. There are no parking signs all over the place, so I had to park at the Warren Dunes Youth Group camping area and walk down the road. The trail (I took it to the northeast) quickly turned into sand. After walking out of the forest, I came upon a quite magnificent sight. Two roads diverged in a wood… er… dune trail.


From a photographers point of view, this is quite unique. It’s hard to come across something of this kind with this much symmetry. Despite my feelings of joy, I had a choice to make. I had a feeling it didn’t matter too much, but I decided to take the one that appeared “less traveled by”. I went to the right and as I reached the top, I knew I was in for a treat. I looked out over the vast duneland that seemed untouched minus the trails. Over to my right was a sheer dune that was begging to be climbed.


I made my way over to the dune and just couldn’t help but to take it all in. It’s not often in Indiana that one can see so much landscape from one place. I would highly recommend visiting this trail if you enjoy feeling small at the sight of natures wonders. The next picture is from the top of the large dune. It has such a beautiful view.


I took a handful of photos from this point and I plan to visit again. If you’re interested in seeing all the photos I took that day, head over to my facebook page, I highly recommend visiting Floral Lane and Warren Dunes State Park. There is much more to explore out there friends! Good luck.

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