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Four of our favorite beaches in the dunes

We asked our followers on facebook, instagram and twitter what their favorite beaches in the area were. Almost all the beaches were listed, so we had to go through and see which beaches people voted for  the most and their reasons why. One thing they had in common was that they all wanted the beaches less traveled! We know it can get a little crowded here in the summer, but we do know a few ways to avoid the masses. Read on to see what you chose as your favorite beaches and how to get away from some of the crowds.

From West to East….

  1. Marquette Beach. Miller, IN – Marquette beach is also surrounded by Marquette park. It’s just a short walk to the lagoon, pavilion and kayak launch. The beach itself is beautiful, connects to the Chanute trail where you can get some awesome dunes photos and is guarded from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There is paid parking as well as free parking available in the area. Here’s what you said: “it’s smaller and often less crowded.” – Salena M.

  2. Kemil Beach, Beverly Shores, IN – Kemil Beach is a popular one. Off season it’s a cinch to park, but in the summer you need to claim your parking spot early (parking is free here). The beach borders the state park to the west and if you walk east you can walk down quite a distance through Beverly Shores. There are lots of rocks and beach glass finds at Kemil and if you are feeling like a hike be sure to check out the Dune Ridge trail which is just to the south of the parking lot. There are bathrooms and a walk up the dune just to the West takes you into the state park. This beach does not have lifeguards. Dogs are allowed on leashes. Here’s what you said: “Not too crowded, lots of rocks for crinoid searching.” – Jim W

  3. Central Beach, Michigan City, IN – Central Beach is a personal favorite of ours. Changing daily, this beach is probably sadly being eroded the most. Huge dunes border the beach, and rocks and beach glass are plentiful. Walk to the west and you will hit the end of Beverly Shores, to the east you will find Wild Woman Ditch as some folks call it and across that, Mount Baldy. There is free parking (although the lot is small) and this beach is not guarded. It gets crowded on weekends, but weekdays can still sometimes be secluded. Especially off season. This beach does close in the winter. It is pet friendly. Here’s what you said: “Central Beach is by far our favorite beach! It’s quiet, isolated and gives you the feel that you are on an island separated from society.” – Annette R

  4. Weko Beach, Bridgman, MI – Weko Beach also has a campground and cabins, which is nice if you are visiting. This spot is known for playing Taps every night at sunset. There is a beach house, bathrooms and paid parking (although the gate is not manned off season). The beach is clean and you can walk all the way to Warren Dunes (which is a little more crowded). It has stairs and trails that surround the lot to get some great views of the lake. There is also kayak rental right on the beach. And, head into Bridgman for some great breweries! Here’s what you said: “Weko Beach! It’s beautiful and natural. No factories on the shoreline”. Beth N

Central Beach is a favorite, but is sadly eroding away

Now for some secrets. Want to feel like you are really alone? You need to hike or paddle to some isolated spots. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it! Hike Miller Woods all the way to the beach. You won’t find many people there! Trail 9 at the State park walks along the ridge of the beach. Look down for a spot and then walk the beach back. Paddle over towards the Nipsco tower in Michigan City and you will find a spot that’s known for surfing. Good luck!


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