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Friday Feature: Nature’s Cupboard

Location: 757 Indian Boundary Road, Chesterton AND 340 Dunes Plaza, Michigan City Hours: Closed Sundays Website:

What is Nature’s Cupboard? Nature’s Cupboard is an all natural and organic health food and supplement retailer with locations in Chesterton and Michigan City. Owner, Mylese, is a certified natural health practitioner and she ensures that her staff remain informed on all nutrition and natural health wellness.

What they offer: Organic and local produce, food, fresh juices, spices, supplements and even environmentally friendly household items. They have a weekly organic produce co-op and both locations now have fresh organic juice bars.

Days to keep in mind: Sample Saturday on Saturday April 22 at both stores. Live music, vendors and lots of samples! May 20 and May 27 Rainfield Farms Organic Plant Sale at the Michigan City location.

Interesting News: Nature’s Cupboard recently sponsored the Northwest Indiana Food Counsel Fed Expo, which was a local food expo and discussion, focusing on locally sourcing food.

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