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“Go Play Outside!”


“Go play outside!”. Those were the words I said to my daughter this weekend.

flowers are popping up everywhere!

flowers are popping up everywhere!

The past few days were perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Blue sky, sunshine & light winds. This was the weekend I mentioned in past posts that we live for. This is why we hang in there all winter long. I followed my advice and spent as much time as I could outside. It was a weekend for gardening, walking, running and just hanging out and enjoying the sunshine. Everywhere you go now, you can see things starting to sprout up. The grey days of winter are gone and the gorgeous contrasts of blue sky, golden sand and green leaves are abound.

So where do we go on beautiful days like we had this past weekend? We are lucky here in the dunes, because we can go just about anywhere! I spent much of my day on Saturday walking the beach. On Sunday morning I went out to the Indiana Dunes State Park and ran trail 10 out & back. It seemed to be very popular among the runners, as I saw many. It’s three miles each way and not too many hills. You can also take the trail out to the beach and enjoy a beautiful overlook of Lake Michigan.

Italian Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Old School on 9th.

Italian Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Old School on 9th.

Saturday night My husband and I  went out and enjoyed some of the local establishments in the area with some friends. How nice is it to be able to go out for the evening without a winter coat and hat? We ventured out to the Uptown Arts District in Michigan City and went to Old School on 9th Street, which just opened up a few days ago. I spoke with the Chef and part-owner David and it sounds like they have some fun stuff planned including an outdoor patio which will be opening soon. The food was all very good, there was a nice variety of items on the menu and it had a very cute “school” theme. This seems to be a tough location for a restaurant, I hope these guys succeed!

As the weekend came to a close, I had to drag my daughter in from outside. I didn’t push too hard though. It was nice to see her spend the day outside and away from electronics all weekend. It was nice for ME to be outside and away from my phone and computer as well.

So…remember…next time you tell your kids to go outside to play…you do the same!

Keep diggin’ the dunes! ~ Eve

It was a beautiful morning to walk the beach.

It was a beautiful morning to walk the beach.

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