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Goblin & The Grocer is the spot to be in Beverly Shores for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Submitted by: Rachel Bailey

Goblin & the Grocer is the newest addition to Beverly Shores and it’s looking to be a game changer for the area. The owners of Hobgoblin (unique spirits, wine, and beer) stretch their legs across Dunes Highway at the popular corner of Broadway and HWY 12, where we now see a refreshing and much needed addition to the local dining experience.

Beverly Shores is known and loved for being a quiet retreat amongst the Indiana Dunes, but at times has left it’s residents and visitors with little options. Goblin & The Grocer is checking off a lot of boxes with their stunning atmosphere and variety of menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I was drawn in immediately to it’s bright open space and modern coastal decor. While arriving at a semi busy time of late morning, I saw people still grabbing coffee, as well as early lunch goers trying to beat the rush. The atmosphere felt relaxed and invited me to hang out on the large deck for awhile. Warm summers days are made for sitting outside, and Goblin & The Grocer’s al fresco area gave me wide umbrellas to sit under while enjoying my caffeine and the breeze.

Enjoy a delicious cocktails, a craft beer or a glass of wine at their beautiful bar.

The most important thing for me is how much I can’t wait to go back! There’s so much there to still experience and I know each time will be different and able to meet so many needs. I can come in early to enjoy a latte and muffin, while ordering a to-go sandwich to munch on later at the beach. I can have a date night spot to try their many dinner items that span across salad, a burger, seafood, and filet. If weather isn’t cooperating then I’ll take a seat at their bar and try out the braised meatballs and pan fried Halloumi cheese. Relaxing weekend afternoons I can see myself and friends lounging outside with a glass of wine or spirit of choice as the live music they bring in brings a beat back to Beverly Shores and chases the work week away. No two days have to be the same here, and that’s the real game changer.

Counter service is available before 11am, table service for lunch and dinner.

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