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Good morning, Duners!

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Morning. It didn’t used to be my favorite time of day.  It’s funny how things change. Age, kids, dogs… coffee?… something happened over the last several years and I have gone from sleeping in, to getting out early! Mornings are now my favorite time of day, both weekdays and weekends.

Every morning, no matter what the weather, I have a responsibility to walk my dog. This is what gets me outside early. During the winter months it’s a little tougher, layers and boots go on, hat, gloves, scarf. I bundle up because I hate being cold. Sometimes it’s just a walk around the block, but other times we can go quite a distance. This is the time I think about things, I take in the sights and sounds, I relax and prepare for my day.

Now that it’s starting to get a little warmer, I ask all of you to try to get out a little bit in the morning for a walk. No matter where you live, things are  beautiful that time of day. Everything is always so quiet and still. Very few are out, but those that are have a positive feel about them. Runners, bikers, people walking their dogs.

With morning comes breakfast, so this week I’ve decided to compile a list of the area’s favorite spots. Below are reviews of  three very different and unique spots in Burns Harbor, Chesterton & Rolling Prairie as well as a list of many other places in the area. So, next time you are out bright & early — stop in and check them out!

Brown Bag, Burns Harbor

Brown Bag, Burns Harbor

Brown Bag. Looking at it from the outside, one might not ever venture in… but I decided to give it a chance. Last week after a few people suggested it, I headed over to Brown Bag to give it a try. When I opened the door I was greeted by the smiling faces of Debbie and Rita. Both were very friendly and let me order my egg & ham croissant sandwich at 10:35 (even though breakfast officially ended at 10:00). They informed me that the breakfast sandwiches and the biscuits and gravy were the most popular items. My sandwich was delicious. A big fluffy croissant and plenty of eggs. And I believe it was only $2.95! It’s mainly carry out, but there are a few tables if you choose to eat in. Next time you are driving down Hwy. 12 outside Ogden Dunes, stop in and give it a try! They also have lunch specials like tacos and italian beef that they swap out monthly.(trails close by: Cowles Bog and Bailly Homestead)

Third Coast Spice Cafe. Third Coast is one of my go-to places in Chesterton. It’s a great place to meet a friend for coffee, hang out, and  enjoy an omelette or breakfast sandwich. The staff is always very friendly and the establishment is very clean. It’s a little pricier than some breakfast spots, but the food is fresh with lots of healthy & organic items on the menu. It’s child friendly and even has a toy table in the corner. (trails close by: Indiana Dunes State Park and Coffee Creek)

Jennie Rae’s. Jennie Rae’s is your hometown breakfast spot. Located on Hwy 20 in Rolling Prairie, it’s known for biscuits and fresh made jam. Here you get a cup of coffee that is refilled often. Many choices of eggs, pancakes or a combination of both. This is your typical breakfast spot, but definitely worth the stop! Last week I went with a friend and then hit the trails around Stone Lake in LaPorte. Bendix woods is also nearby for some hiking (but as I learned last week, they do not have x-country skiing!)

Here is a list of a few other spots that were mentioned on my Facebook page! Please list any I may have missed — or comment about any of your favorite breakfast spots below.Hopefully this post can be a good go-to spot for people trying to find a new breakfast spot in the area!

Tate’s Place, Portage (outdoor patio, just off the Prairie-Duneland Trail!) Great place to stop before or after biking/running the trail. Rosewood, Portage, South Haven & Valpo North Side, Chesterton Peggy Sue’s, Chesterton Tiger Lily, Chesterton Lake Park, Hobart Silver Spoon, Valpo Olympus, Bridgman (close to Warren Dunes State Park) Blue Plate, Union Pier Grindhouse Cafe, Griffith (known for scones!) Miller’s Vintage Kitchen, Miller

And for brunch…..

Sunday’s from 11-2:30…Bartlett’s Gourmet Grill Saturdays & Sundays… The Pickle & Turnip

Rise and shine everyone! Grab some breakfast and “toast” the trails!


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~ Eve

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