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Great Marsh Trail System: Beverly Shores, IN—1.26 miles of trails

Location: 500 South Broadway Beverly Shores, IN 46301

Trail Length: Approx. 1.26 miles

Hours: Open sunrise to 30 minutes past sunset

Entrance Cost: Free

Parking: There are two small lots: (1) gravel at the start of trailhead (2) paved handicap parking is a quarter-mile north on Broadway

Dog-Friendly: Pets not allowed

Restrooms: No

Blogger Thoughts: (Laura Niemiec) • Great for birding • Nice short trail if you want to get out but don’t have a lot of time • Close to South Shore line (Beverly Shores)

Tucked away just off of the main road into the town of Beverly Shores you will find the Great Marsh Trail. I happened upon it by chance a few years ago. After driving past a small gravel parking lot just off Broadway dozens of times on my way to and from Lake View Beach, I finally decided to pull over and check it out. Back then, the trees and brush nearly hid the parking lot from view until you were right upon the drive but today the area near the road has been cleared inviting passersby’s and explorers alike to stop by for a visit.

Since then, it’s been one of my favorite short trails to hit when I don’t have a lot of time to get out but am in need of some greenery. The grassy/packed dirt trail that winds through the marshland is amazing in all seasons. The trail is a just over a mile long but there are some others that branch off for those fellow explorers out there (proceed with caution!). I highly recommend wearing waterproof boots, or rain boots, if hiking the area after heavy rains or snow thaw as it is a wetland area and prone to flooding. On my most recent trip, I visited after two straight days of rain and came upon a few areas where the water covered the trail about ankle deep.

Be aware that dogs are not allowed on this trail, however, birders will enjoy that rule. No matter the day, you’ll find all types of birds from the expected waterfowl, ducks and geese, to red-winged blackbirds, red-headed woodpeckers, sandhill cranes, and herons just to name a few. There are two benches strategically placed along the trail to sit and enjoy the scenery along with a viewing platform, that is handicap/wheelchair accessible, which allows visitors to take in all of the activity at the Great Marsh Overlook.


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