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Group who calls themselves, "DuneAmorés", will live on beach.

A number of locals who call themselves the DuneAmorés have created a plan to set up camp on a beach just East of Ogden Dunes. The group of about 25 individuals are building small homes out of driftwood, stones and beach glass. They will be bringing with them one knapsack of clothes and essentials and will be allowed a delivery once a week with food and other provisions. Their mission being to live off the land and sand “as long as they can”.

Photo and structure by Jerry Savel

“We have always loved the dunes”, said John Neverly, the founder of the DuneAmoré group. We wanted to really show how much they mean to us by actually living here night and day. How long will we do it? Well, that’s something we just don’t know yet.”

The group will go on daily hikes and swims as it gets warmer. They also plan to build rafts or boats which will allow them to set sail to areas in the National Park, Cowles Bog being one of them.

One of the members, Maria Satore said, we want to go places like boaters beach near Cowles Bog. We know that area will get crowded during the summer and we hope to meet more people or grab some food and drink from those that are there partying. They might not even know it’s missing”, She then laughed.

The DuneAmorés invite others to join them on their adventure. Those that are interested can simply meet at the dunes today…which is, well, April Fools!


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