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Heading Over Yonder.

Submitted by Beth Rudnick

If you’re looking for ways to social distance while still enjoying our beautiful surroundings, check out charming Beverly Shores on Highway 12 between Chesterton and Michigan City. There are so many ways to feel safe while soaking up the sun and surf, grabbing a cold drink on a breezy patio, and checking out some artisan crafts.

Walking paths abound in this beautiful national park. An easy walk from Kemil Beach (free parking) takes you to the remaining accessible beachfront in Beverly Shores. Lakefront parking in Beverly Shores is temporarily closed due to erosion, but at Kemil Beach there’s still plenty of room to toss down a towel, relax, and work on that sunburn.  Beverly Shores is an official Dark Sky Community so consider stargazing in your after-dark plans.

Off the main street in Beverly Shores, Broadway, there are two additional walking trails. One is a very easy walk to a relaxing overlook of the beautiful marsh area at the corner of Beverly Drive and Broadway complete with ducks, geese, cranes, and heron.

All exercise should end with refreshment, so be sure to head back to Goblin and the Grocer for a cool drink or a coffee on their spacious, breezy patio and then head across the street to artisan market Over Yonder, a newly opened vendor shop highlighting the hand-crafted work of local artists.  Nature-themed “Pieces of Jayde” copper jewelry by Jayde McAloon features cruelty-free designs like tiny bird nest earrings. Feltings by Laura Gutzwiller showcases wool creations of animals, framed dunescapes, and jewelry.  Regina Walters’ Art from Elements uses rock, wood, and beachglass in nature-themed framed art. Owner Jenifer Krizmanic puts the store’s focus on celebrating nature and the elements that make our area unique.  Included in the stores’s plans are seasonal markets that will invite additional vendors, TBA. Follow Over Yonder’s Facebook page for additional information.

So head out Over Yonder to Dig our Dunes AND take a little piece of them home. 

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