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Lakeshore Coffee: Hub for Coffee, Creativity and Conversation

Submitted by: Matt Cunningham

A café in Indiana that has regulars that speak French? Yeah, it’s real.

Lakeshore Coffee has long served as the preeminent location in Michigan City to indulge in caffeinated bliss and a smorgasbord of local sweet delicacies.

A list of specialty drinks change every three weeks or so to keep things interesting. At the moment, drinks like Hulk Smash, Flash and the Green Lantern comprise the list, which, sweetly, but not so subtly reminds us, that to drink caffeine is the equivalent of being tagged by a radioactive spider or fortuitously endure some other laboratory accident gone terribly right.

But in all seriousness, Lakeshore has stood the test of time because it’s good. It’s simple and beautiful.

Bit of Swiss, from Stevensville, Michigan, partners with Lakeshore to offer highly sought after cheese Danish, almond croissants and other baked wonders. And, if that wasn’t enough for all you folks with a sweet tooth, J.R.’s Cheesecake from Chicago provides cookies, cupcakes and chocolates.

Customers become regulars because of the vibe. Interactions are always different at this chill spot. Friends meet, friends have met here and friends will continue to be made here to take advantage of the positive atmosphere where people may come in happy, but leave happier.

Lakeshore Coffee is located at 444 Wabash Street in Michigan City. You can check them out on Facebook, and be sure to head over to their 20th anniversary party which will be held on July 29 from 12-4. Music, food and a Yeti Cooler Give-away!

Head over the the anniversary party and win a Yeti Cooler!


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