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Last day to submit photos for Dig the Dunes calendar contest is October 31

Attn: Photographers! October 31st is the last day go get your photos submitted into the popular Dig the Dunes Calendar Contest!

Here’s the scoop: Each person may submit up to three photos. Photographs must be dunes inspired. That includes trails, wild life, beaches and monuments from NWI & SW Michigan. People can be in the photos, but no selfies please. We want to highlight the area’s beautiful surroundings. You can submit lo-res images, but if picked you will need to have a hi-res image available. Winners will get their photo in our calendar, be featured in the calendar, receive a free calendar and be invited and announced at our Calendar Release Party as well as our social media!

You can submit your photos until 11:59pm on October 31.

Photos will go through 2 rounds of blind judging. Winners will be announced on November 7 and our Calendar Release party will be at SFC Gallery on December 7!

Good luck, everyone!


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