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Let’s Get Together and Dig the Dunes!

Submitted by: Eve Wierzbicki

A few weeks ago I was at at a networking event in Chesterton. I had a handful of my cards and was ready to talk dunes. It was speed networking (put on by the Duneland Chamber of Commerce), so we had three minutes to talk to approximately 30 people. As I started to make my way around the table I was becoming more and more surprised.

“I’m Eve with Dig the Dunes.” I said. “What’s Dig the Dunes?” they said. “A website and blog.” I said, “And we are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You’re not familiar?”

Blank stares.

90% of the people I chatted with had never heard of Dig the Dunes.

I couldn’t believe it! I have 5-10,000 hits on my website each month, thousands following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And they never heard of Dig the Dunes?

I knew then that I had my work cut out for me. But I need your help!

A long path ahead of us!

So what is Dig the Dunes? Many people ask that question and sometimes I’m not even quite sure! As time has gone on, Dig the Dune has evolved. It started with simply posting photos of the beach on Facebook. It grew into a blog, writing about some of the area’s best people, places and things to do. Today it continues with fun events, dunes apparel, trail highlights, a weekly newsletter, an annual calendar (featuring YOUR photos)….and most importantly….we continue to bring the dunes to your screen — so that you can enjoy them from wherever you may be — or you can find out where to go so that you can get out and explore them for yourselves.

How can you help? Please continue to share our photos and blogs. Invite people to like our facebook page. Get on instagram and twitter and hashtag #digthedunes. Sign up for our weekly newsletter, so that you can be in the know. Come to our hikes, workshops, events. Tell people about us and We can’t do this alone. Let’s do this together, continue to grow — and keep “Diggin’ the Dunes!”


Would you like to be a part of our team? We are always looking for new writers, photographers and ambassadors to help spread the word! Email us at with your resume and letter of interest.






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