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Local hypnotist shares her talents and skills with others.

Have you ever thought about being hypnotized of hypnotizing others? According to Randi Light, a transformation specialist, healing coach and mental trainer, it’s not as hard as you think.

Randi, a resident of Ogden Dunes, has hypnotized thousands of people over the last 10 years and she is quite a success story in the area.

“I love to work with kids and athletes”, said Randi, “I created a 4 step process for getting athletes and performers into THE ZONE.” she said, “after they work with me, I am able to help them be much more confident and focused. And I teach them how to recover from mistakes easily and quickly.” Just ask Jessica Yukich, after a phone session with Randi, she shaved 2 seconds off a 50 meter swim at State.

Randi has worked with many young athletes over the years.

Randi has trained thousands of athletes, teams and coaches

Randi enjoys hypnotizing people because the results are fast and effective. She now wants to share her experience and tools with others. “Once you learn how to hypnotize others”, she says, “you can also hypnotize yourself.” Light continues, “More hypnotherapists means more people will sleep better, heal their bodies faster, reduce stress, lose weight and feel great.”

Who does she think this practice would benefit? “Almost anyone” Randi says, “but if MDs, chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga instructors and others in the healing business could work with the mind as well as the body, their successes could improve dramatically.

After talking to several specialists in the area, Randi felt there was a need to train others to do what she does. She received her training certification license from the International Hypnosis Federation in Los Angeles and now she wants to bring her experience and skills to people right here in the dunes. Randi is offering both a two day introductory and a five day certification training experience that will provide people with a level 1 hypnotist certification through the International Hypnosis Federation. After completing the training, she says, “you will be hypnotized several times and walk away feeling confident about hypnotizing yourself, your family and others.”

Why is she doing this? Because she loves being a facilitator and because she loves helping others be their very best. “my biggest joy,” she says, “is to help someone learn how to help others. Watching someone transform into a confident, healthy person and then share that experience with someone else, is one big step in making this world a better place.”

Interested in taking Randi’s hypnosis certification training?

You can call Randi at 219.929.8726 for more information or  You can find more information about it, right here.


Randi Light is not only a transformation specialist, she is also an author, speaker and Master Facilitator leading transformational workshops, classes, seminars and retreats for both children and adults. She also coaches, consults and trains through Skype, phone and in person.  Additionally Randi serves on a number of Boards for women and for the environment. She was a radio show host and founder of Transformational Radio. She has over 35 years of research and training and a 90% success rate with private clients who are stressed, in chronic pain, have trouble sleeping, or whose negative emotions block their success and happiness.

"Life is about being happy" says Randi, "everyone deserves that."

“Life is about being happy and being confident.” says Randi, “Everyone deserves that.”

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