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Marquette Park

Submitted by: Stephen Lehman

For the busy adventurer Location: Cost: Free Hours: Closes at dusk What to expect: Easy parking, paved trail through dunes

This is furthest west I’ve explored when it comes to beaches. I came in on N. Lake Street and parked in the Miller Beach area. There is plenty of parking and the Chicago skyline is almost perfectly visible. The drive down N. Lake Street was a little depressing as it was lined with run down businesses and overgrown lawns. I can tell the area was once a pretty exciting place to be. None the less, I was met with this beautiful sight:

Marquette Park-9621-2

I’m not sure of the exact dates but I know that twice a year the sun sets behind the city skyline causing it to become radiant with the suns golden hour light. I’m hoping that I will be able to make it out to Marquette Park for this event in the coming year. Regardless, the cityscape is breathtaking, even on a more mundane day similar to the one in the photo above. Soon after witnessing the skyline, I began heading east via a trail I found through the dunes.

Marquette Park-9632

The clouds on that particular day were incredible! Photographers would usually use the term “dramatic” to describe something like this. The photo shows a sand trail however there is also a fully paved trail. I plan on taking my longboard out there sometime to give it a ride. I continued walking down the paved trail. I knew that there was much more to see. As I turned to my side, I noticed the clouds once again. They looked as though they were advancing like an army. This next photo was actually taken with my iPhone 6s accompanied by a Moment Wide Lens.


Thankfully, the clouds were not carrying a major storm. It was much too cold for stormy weather. As you can see, the beach grass is a beautiful gold and contrasts the blues in the sky almost perfectly. I would highly suggest visiting this area if you get a chance. It brings with it some of natures most gorgeous color coordinations. I decided to continue east towards the rest of Marquette Park. I kept following the trail and came upon a bridge.

Marquette Park-9649

I was most definitely fortunate to have stumbled upon this beautiful area on such a perfect day. With this unseasonably warm weather we have been having, I would highly recommend making it out to explore over the holidays. Whether it’s Marquette Park, the Portage Lakefront & Riverwalk, or even some place as far as New Buffalo, MI go for it! Carpe Diem my friends.

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