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Meet your Neighbor: Henry Nipper

Meet Henry Nipper! Henry is a blind puppy of an unknown mix who was born in LaPorte County last year. He is a happy, silly, and curious little guy who loves people of all ages, especially women and kids — and even other dogs! Last year he started a Facebook page to keep people updated on his exploits in the Dunes and elsewhere to show life without eyes is a great life! 

To date he has about 300 social media friends from all around the world.

What brought you to the Dunes? My mom! Her name is Peaches and she and her brother were dropped off in the parking lot of the Michiana Humane Society last fall. My foster parents are the nice people who run Flying H Ranch in LaPorte County. They took in my mom and not long afterwards, Peaches squeezed me out!!! I was one of five puppies of all different colors and shapes! My legs are very small, my neck is very long, my nose is red, and my fur is like yarn! So I was really special from the start.

Not long after I was born my foster mom noticed something very strange about me: I had no eyes! I didn’t think it was strange at all. In fact, I don’t care! I run and hop and prance and dive and tumble and roll around just like any dog. I just need help up and down stairs and sometimes a warning if I get so excited and don’t know a wall is heading my way.

Otherwise I have a great sense of smell and sound and am as curious as any other dog that just happens to have sight.

How long have you lived here? I was born September 11, 2015, so not very long. I split my time between Chicago and Beverly Shores. My dad adopted me in November!

What is your favorite thing to do in the area? I love the beach! There is nothing I like more than to run and run and run and run and run along sand. It tastes pretty good too! Even though I don’t have eyes, I like going into the water and standing there. I was first on the beach in the winter and liked it but then discovered how hot the summers get. Drinking the Lake is fun too!

Tell us a secret about the Dunes. Do you know how many smells there are inside the grass? TEN MILLION SMELLS. I love diving in there and smelling them all! One time I found a dead chipmunk and pulled it onto the road. Another time there was a neighborhood cat resting there and he made me really mad, so I barked. I BARKED! I didn’t know I had it in me.

Give us your top three “hidden treasures.” I love the marsh in Beverly Shores. There are a lot of smells in there, but also frogs. They hop around me and I try to catch them but they are too fast! I also like the Michiana Humane Society! Without them, I wouldn’t have the great life I’m enjoying today!

The third thing I enjoy is the beach. I try to go when there aren’t a lot of people to distract me because when I hear voices, I always want to go over and say hello! I can’t stop saying hello to people, it’s what I do best!

I like the beach so much, I made a cameo in a music video while on the beach in the winter! It’s by my favorite rock band The Bottle Rockets! You can watch it here!

What would you like to teach people about the Dunes? They need to slow down and smell the Dunes. They smell great! Also, just slow down in general. I was almost hit by a golf cart! They saw me but didn’t slow down at all! Puppies own the road too, buster.

Anything else? Become my friend on Facebook and Instagram! I am always posting photos and videos of cool stuff I’m discovering about life. Like … I was on a plane once! I also barked at a cat! I make funny squeaks when I dream! My earflaps whip back when I run! My nose is strangely big for my head! My birthday is coming up!!

My best friend Scout Licker is also on Facebook. AND HE’S BLIND TOO!! We hang out all time! He’s kind of an old man so I keep him young.

Basically life is so much fun, but a lot more fun without eyes. That’s what I would like to show people.

Henry Running

You can read about more of your neighbors right here!

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