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Meet your Neighbors: Linda Mickevicius


Meet Linda Mickevicius! The “beach bum” in Beach Bum Jewels is me, Linda Mickevicius. Beach Bum Jewels is a family owned and operated business in Michigan City, IN since 2005, featuring three generations of beach bums.  As an accounting and IT professional, it began as a creative outlet for my mostly technical life but has evolved into my passion. My daughter Jamie joined the business in 2007 as a designer and sales rep. Husband Ben and grandchildren, Garrett, Andrew, Madison and Matthew have also contributed to our success. Our studio is located at 722 Franklin Street in the Uptown Arts District in Michigan City, IN. 

What brought you to the dunes? I started dating my husband 25 years ago and our second date was on his 25’ powerboat, Sportin’ Life. I had lived in NW Indiana most of my life but was amazed at the beauty I saw along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, especially the dunes! I fell in love – with him and the beauty of the lakefront.

How long have you lived here? Northwest Indiana most of my life – Michigan City for the past 20 years.

What is your favorite thing to do in the area? I enjoy boating, fishing, and beachcombing. Looking for treasures – preferably beach glass – along the shore is the most relaxing activity I’ve ever known. Combine that with family and there is nothing better!

Tell us a secret about the dunes The dunes hold many secrets. We have customers who tell us how they have found solace walking along the shore.  They share their stories of joy, pain, sickness, anger and loss and how they have worked through all of those issues while listening to the soothing sound of the waves as they step though the wet sand with water washing over their toes. Some secrets are shared with us but others are left in the dunes while the beachcomber leaves with a sense of well-being.

Give us your top three “hidden treasures” (restaurant, shop, trail, beach, event…really anything!) a)  Shady Creek Winery – a locally owned and operated winery in Michigan City b)  Washington Park Zoo – a place I have shared many memories with my children and grandchildren c) FADA (Franklin Art District Artists) – The artist studios where I share my passion with fellow artists

What would you like to teach people about the dunes? The dunes are fragile and can take a beating from Mother Nature that we cannot control, but as humans, we have an obligation to do our part in taking care of them each time we visit.

Anything else? Our studio is filled with jars sparkly, colorful beach/sea glass. We are frequently asked where we get all of our beach glass? We have hunted for beach glass all along the shore of Lake Michigan and other Great Lakes as well as both coasts of the United States and the Caribbean. A sea glass sailing adventure to Greece was very memorable as was visiting the famous Glass Beach in Ft. Bragg, CA. Besides our local beaches, various beaches in Puerto Rico are among our favorite places to vacation and search for treasures. Stop by our studio – we’d love to hear about your beach glass collecting adventures!


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