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Meet your Neighbors: Marty Lloyd


Meet Marty Lloyd! Marty is one of the founding members of Freddy Jones Band. Labeled as the “Darlings of Triple A Radio”, Freddy Jones Band has a storied history. They have had two number one hits and several top tens. The Chicago roots band has strummed its way to the forefront of the national music scene, but Marty has always remained loyal to the dunes, a place where he grew up and fondly remembers. 

What brought you to the dunes? My parents moved to the dunes area from Chicago when I was a toddler. They wouldn’t let me drive. I was aiming for Boston and was surprised that we landed a little short. I’m glad we did!

How long did you live here? After graduating from La Lumiere I went off to Xavier University in Cincinnati and began my tour of duty. Xavier, Purdue, Holy Cross, Loyola. I moved to Chicago and started the freddy jones band. I always loved coming home in between tours!

What is your favorite thing to do in the area? Sitting on the beach at night next to a fire and listening to the waves. I really miss that!

Tell us a secret about the dunes. There are scientists who I have met in California who have studied the area. I was happy to find out that someone was keeping an eye on northern Indiana’s coastal area and the environment. With so much industry and shipping in the area, it would be a shame to see the beautiful Indiana Dunes area compromised. I believe this should be the #1 concern for residents here. Just saying’.

Give us your top three “hidden treasures” a) Acorn Theatre. This theatre in Three Oaks,  Michigan can get some great music. Who knows, maybe we will play there one day!

b) Lucrezia in Chesterton. Whenever I come home, I love to sit out on the patio and know that a good meal is coming my way!

c) Ambler Flatwoods. Close to where I grew up is an area of land owned by Shirley Heinze Land Trust. It’s a great place for me to get out, walk the trails and think.

What would you like to teach people about the dunes? Again, I will point to the environment. It’s fragile. It’s such a beautiful area that I have very fond memories of. I hope residents push for environmentally safe practices. There is a great docu film coming out called DRAIN. It addresses lowering levels of the Great Lakes. You can visit I did a little tour of the Great Lakes last summer in support of the making of DRAIN. I played with long time gin blossoms drummer Scott “Kooze” who is from the UP on Lake Superior. We visited many of the breweries around the lakes… But we still have to come visit my home on the shores of Lake Michigan! Anyone wanna have us?? Ha

Anything else? Watch for the new Freddy Jones Band record NEVER CHANGE this summer. The single “those diamonds” is out at radio now. Listen to WXRT to catch it or visit to watch the video. Stay in touch with us IG @freddyjobesbandofficial and on Facebook freddy jones band. See ya on tour this summer and thanks for the chat!!


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