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Meet Your Neighbors: Sincerely Zahra

Meet Zahra! Sincerely Zahra is a full-time blogger specializing in fashion photography, content creation, and digital marketing.

What brought you to the dunes? I was born and raised here, in the same house right by Washington Park.

What is your favorite thing to do in the area?

As a dunes girl one of my favorite things ever is just taking a nice walk along Lake Michigan. Summers here are great but the warmer spring and fall months are the best before the college and tourist crowds come in. It feels like paradise.

Tell us a secret about the dunes. There’s a spot behind the lighthouse that’s great for early morning yoga. (One of my not-so-secret little tips).

Give us your “hidden treasures” (restaurant, shop, trail, beach, event…really anything!) I’m also a big advocate for all of the local shops in the Northwest Indiana area. Especially CAFES (Infusco, Dagger Mountain, and Panini Panini to name a few) I hop around from city to city every week to enjoy all of what the dunes has to offer. There really are so many opportunities to explore here in Northwest Indiana and a lot of residents don’t even know what’s in their own backyard.

What would you like to teach people about the dunes? I urge the locals to get out of your comfort zones, develop new habits, and make an effort to fall even more in love with your community. To business owners I urge you to have a strong social media presence — show our neighbors what the dunes are all about and show the locals what they have to be proud of. In this day and age branding your business doesn’t just help you tremendously, but the community as well. As a millennial in the digital marketing industry, I can’t stress enough how important this is now more than ever! That is exactly why platforms like Dig the Dunes are so great. 🙂

Anything else? If you’re not sure how to move forward with branding, marketing, or expanding your local business, email to book a consultation. To see more from me visit or follow @sincerelyzahra on Instagram for daily updates.


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