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Miller Beach. Beautiful both inside and out.

Looking to get away this winter? Look to Miller Beach, Gary Indiana. That’s right, we said Gary! Here are six reasons why we think Miller Beach is beautiful both inside and out!

The Paul H. Douglas Center rents skis and show shoes for FREE. Shown here along the Miller Woods Trail.

  1. Outside: Miller Beach is home to the second most biodiverse area in the entire Indiana Dunes region, Miller Woods. Miller Woods takes you through many eco-systems including oak savanna, which is a convergence of tallgrass prairies of the west and forests of the east. When walking along the Miller Woods trail you will see forests, lagoons, dunes and even the beach. It’s one of the most beautiful trails around!

  2. Inside: Paul H. Douglas Center. Right at the start of the Miller Woods trail is the Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental Education. Open every day but Sunday in the winter, and 7 days during the summer, this spot is a hidden treasure in the dunes. Inside you will find all sorts of interactive exhibits, a nature play zone and rangers chock full of information. You can utilize their skis and snow shoes for free and they organize many different educational programs for both children and adults. Watching people learn about the dunes is definitely a beautiful thing!

  3. Outside: The beaches. The view from any of the beaches in Miller is gorgeous. The skyline is beautiful on clear days, and in the winter the lake can be covered with Shelf Ice all the way to the horizon. Whether you go in the winter or summer, the beach is a place to reflect, enjoy, and relax. Choose from Marquette Park, Lake Street, Wells Street (which has a great concession in the summer!) or any in-between. Beauty as far as the eye can see!

  4. Inside: The homes. We were able to step inside one of the Miller Beach Vacation rental homes and it was amazing! What a wonderful place to stay on a trip to the area. Whether you are planning your next business retreat, looking for a place for a family reunion or just wanting to get away, these homes are absolutely stunning.

  5. Outside: The Lagoon. The lagoon in Miller Beach is one of our favorite spots. There is now an ADA kayak and canoe launch allowing everyone to get out on the water. In the winter, it’s breathtaking to look at and is the perfect photo op for anyone trying to up their instagram game! Right along the shores of the lagoon is the Marquette Park Pavilion (which is also beautiful inside and out!).

  6. Inside: The people. Nothing is better than a person that is beautiful both inside and out. In Miller Beach you will find many people like that! Kind, welcoming, warm, friendly, and definitely fun to be around! Stop in the local coffee shop, brewery, art gallery, museum or Lake Street restaurants and say hello!

You can learn more about Miller Beach by checking out Want to rent a house there? Miller Beach Vacation Rentals is perfect for your family reunion, retreat or get-away.

The round room at Villa Santorini is perfect for your business retreat. More info here.

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