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Our favorite trails…and why!

All the trails in the dunes are wonderful, but some of them are just a little extra special. Dig the Dunes decided to ask our ambassadors to pick their favorites and tell you why. (They also took the photos!) These ladies are the first ones out on the trails each morning and the last ones to leave each night. They know our trails inside and out, so who better to ask, then them! Here is what they said….

Christiana: I would say my favorite would have to be West Beach Succession Trail! It’s perfect because it’s just the right distance. You get to climb up and down stairs and you get a gorgeous view from the top of the lake and even Chicago on a good clear day. It’s almost like being in a whole different world as it kind of looks like you are out west but instead you’re in the Dunes in Indiana. And it’s great because you end up on the beach once it is all said and done and you can check out the beach and find beach glass and just soak in the scenery!


Veronica: Favorite trail (so far) would be the stroller friendly trail at Galien River County Park. This park in Berrien County is a family favorite because the trails are easily accessible for our little ones! Just a short walk through the trees and you will be surprised to find a 60’ high marsh overlook tower with views that take your breath away. Wildlife in the marsh is abundant with birds and beavers so don’t forget your binoculars. Across the street there is another short walking trail, bathrooms, play area, and splash pad for the kids. Be sure to add this hike to your family’s springtime bucket list since the park is closed during the winter months! Happy hiking!


Karen: I have two! Trail 9 in the State Park. This trail is about 4 miles long with awesome sand dunes to climb, then you’re rewarded with spectacular views. The trail is partially wooded & goes along a sand dune ridge near the lake. I also like Cowles Bog! Cowles Bog is a longer trail through beautiful thick woods, by a fen, and leads out to the lake & right along boaters beach.


Anna: Trail #4 in the State Park. It’s one of my favorites because you get good exercise up not only sand dunes but also stairs and you wind through the beauty of the State Park. Then you come out at stunning Lake Michigan and walk down the lake shore! If you’re lucky you can find some beach glass!!


Laura: For me it’s a toss up between Dune Ridge and Ambler. They both have a huge diversity in landscape and there is just so much to see. I love hiking Dune Ridge year round, especially at sunrise from the top of the ridge. It’s just absolutely breathtaking to watch the glow cover the marshland below and paint the entire western sky. Ambler is my favorite in the winter and springtime. I love wandering the trails after a fresh snowfall and feeling the magic of the Pine Tree Trail as snow clings to the branches overhead.


Want to learn about more of the area trails? Be sure to check out our trail guide! You can also sign up for the Dig the Dunes e-newsletter or join our facebook group, Dunes Discoveries!

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