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Over Yonder

Over Yonder! is part Co-operative Makers Market & part curated vintage. The Makers Market showcases local, talented artists and craftspeople. It gives small-production Creatives a place to shine, sell and profit.

Makers Market: It’s THE place for unique hand-crafted items inspired by or befitting the Dunes Lifestyle. Out-of-Towners find unique treasures to take home as mementos of their Duneland adventures. Locals love to give gifts that represent the place they call home. We are not your average souvenir shop. You won’t find any truck stop issue “I Heart the Dunes” mugs or plastic keychains here. What you may find instead is a hand-thrown tumbler glazed to resemble a Duneland sunset, hand crafted leather dog leads for beach walks, jewelry with local fossils, hand printed greeting cards, landscape paintings, hand dyed linens, and whimsical garden sculpture. Beautiful, well crafted, useful, and embodying the character of the Dunes.

Vintage: Pieces are chosen to compliment the items offered by our talented locals. Pieces are curated to reflect bygone days of summers past, and all that is GOOD in our local histories. We want to help keep the stories being told, invite visitors to sit a spell and share local insight about our beloved Duneland. Just a few inspiration points that guide vintage selection: Dunes flora & fauna, Lake Life, local history, conservation, dune landscapes, boating & sailing, Native American history, National Park status, hiking trails, vintage maps, tools & the Trades, local historic architecture, lazy summer days in the field or forest, bonfire nights, train history, birds, local culture, local natural materials, foraged items.


12 East Dunes Hwy Beverly Shores, IN 46301

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